Saturday, 29 July 2017

Nifty index topped a 100-point multiple in series

The 50-share index has risen around 22 percent so far this calendar and the uptrend has been a fairly consistent one.

With the Nifty having topped the 10,000-mark convincingly, bullish traders have now set their sights on the index having a free run for another 200-300 points.

If you are among those who feel that the index still has steam left in it, buying a call option for a strike price at the nearest 100-point multiple early on in the new F&O series would be the best way to play the trade.

Moneycontrol analysed the seven F&O series in 2017 starting from January, which shows that the Nifty index has topped a 100-point multiple at least once in every series.

This interesting trend hindsight shows that if investor had bought out-of-the-money call option for strike price closest to the next 100 multiple of NIFTY level on the first day of the new series and sold it as soon as the option is at-the-money or near to that, he would have gained a minimum of 12 percent and maximum of 105 percent on that option. We did the back testing of this for the last seven F&O series.

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