Thursday, 15 November 2018

-T Dept chasing 80,000 cases where returns not filed post demonetisation, says CBDT chairman

The taxation Department is "chasing" eighty,000 cases wherever folks haven't filed their returns, post conclusion, despite the collector of internal revenue causationthem notices to try and dothus, a senior official same on November fourteen.

CBDT Chairman Sushil Chandra, when inaugurating a stall of the I-T Department at the Republic of IndiaInternational Trade honest at Pragati Maidan, same the department has additionallyknown nearly eighty 100000folks that had filed their returns throughout the past 3years however haven't done that thus far.

The top boss of the department same the November 2016 call to demonetize high-value currency "really helped in increasing the assets within the country and furthermorebecause the web revenue of this country from direct taxes."

"If you see, last year contribution of direct taxes was fifty two p.c and also thecontribution of indirect taxes was forty eight p.c. This is going on when a few yearsthat the contribution of direct taxes is over the indirect taxes."
"To answer your question onhowever conclusion helped, i'd say that money|the money} has currently inheritbank accounts thus it'ssimple for US to trace onwhat percentage persons have deposited the cash while not corresponding returns," Chandra same.

Talking regarding social control by the department post notes ban declaration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the CBDT chief samethey need sent emails and SMSes to an outsized varietyof individuals World Health Organization have filed their returns when this communication.

"Around three 100000notices were sent to persons World Health Organizationfailed to file returns post the conclusion. These area unitstatutory notices. About 2.25 100000 folks filed their returns thenceforth. In 80,000 cases, wherever the returns weren't filed, the department is chasing and also the assessment can got to be framed," he said.

Apart from the post-demonetisation exercise, the department is additionallyfollowing people who haven'tfiled their returns on time.

"About thirty 100000 persons World Health Organizationought to have filed their returns haven't filed it. we tend to area unit causationSMSes then notices are going to be sent if these messages aren'tacknowledged. First, {we will|we'll|we area unit going to} send SMSes and that weare creating assessees aware that your financial gainis accountable for the tax and you ought to pay it.

"We have additionally knownaround eighty 100000persons World Health Organization had filed returns in last 3 years however they need not filed it thus far. i'm expecting massive no of returns (in the approaching days). within thetotal vi.02 large integerreturns filed
this year, there area uniteighty six 100000 new taxpayers," Chandra same.

We have used non-intrusive ways and therefore eighty six100000 new returns aredropped at the tax web thus far this year.

Chandra same the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), that frames a policy for the I-T Department, was feat no stone right-side-up to confirm that targets of revenue assortment set for them area unit met by the top of the twelvemonth in March next year.

"We area unit reviewing every and each region wherever targets aren't being met. I actually have already written to any or all the regions and that they area unit taking necessary steps," he said.

We area unit following Tax subtracted at supplypayments and asking eachdeductor to confirm that they deduct these taxes on time and deposit with the department...prosecutions (for not depositing TDS) also are being filed. Similarly, we tend to {are also|also area unit|are} chasing advance taxpayers and that we are intimating them that please deposit your tax," he said.

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