Monday, 16 July 2018

Piyush Goyal wants businessmen to blow whistle on tax evasion

Union government ministerPiyush Goyal referred to ason traders and industrialists to reveal tax evaders. "It is our responsibility to revealthose that do wrong (evading tax) and harming the economy," Goyal aforesaidwhereas interacting with traders and industrialists here o Sunday evening.

The meeting was organizedby the Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries and therefore theChhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation.

Businessmen ought to vie to not evade taxes, however to provide and deliver quality product and services, he said, adding that the products ANd Services Tax (GST) has created an honest and simplified taxation system.

We should complain against those that evade taxes and expose them. though i actually do one thing wrong, then (you should) directly speak to the Prime Minister," he said.

Implementing the GST wasn'tsimple, notably once the BJP was in power in just six states, however it became attainable due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's determination and Arun Jaitley's tactful handling of states' issues, Goyal said.

The community has createdthe new revenue enhancement system successful, he said.

The Union minister conjointlypraised the implementation of food security schemes by the Raman Singh government in Chhattisgarh.

Even the globe Bank has referred to as the state a jobmodel for the implementation of food security, he said.

Chief Minister Singh and state business minister Amar Agrawal were conjointly giftthroughout the meeting.

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